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Exness Withdraw – How long does it take?

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General rules for withdrawing funds: Reviewed by

There are some rules and regulations regarding the withdrawal of funds. These rules include the following:

Withdrawing funds: Reviewed by

One of the most common myth that people have in their mind regarding trading is how they can withdraw their funds. Most people have these myths that this process is very difficult or not accessible. Let me say clearly that you can withdraw anytime, any day.

There is a separate ‘Withdrawal’ section. You can access this section in the ‘Personal Area.’ You can withdraw your money from this section. Moreover, you can also know about the transfer you made from the ‘Transaction History’ anytime.

Grace period and withdrawals: Reviewed by

Let me explain the meaning of the grace period first. It is time your trading account needs to be correctly verified. During this time, as your account is verified, it restricts some of the functions of your account. However, the grace period does not limit these functions regarding withdrawals or transfers.

However, you cannot withdraw the funds through the following payment methods:

For instance, when the grace period is over (your trading account is fully verified) and your account gets blocked for any reason, you can still make the withdrawals. But you cannot make internal transfers when the grace period is over. 

Withdrawal fees: Reviewed by

There is no fee charged for the withdrawal of funds. But every payment system has its mechanism. They can cut a transaction fee for any withdrawal. So you should know about the transaction fee of the payment system before selecting it. 

Withdrawal processing time: Reviewed by

Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) perform most of the withdrawals of funds instantly. It means that the EPS reviews the transaction within a few seconds. The withdrawal processing time can also depend on the method that you have used for the withdrawal. For example, you can take the average processing time up to x hours/day.

Payment systems: Reviewed by

We are always adding new payment systems so that traders have more ways of performing transactions. So the list of Electronic Payment Systems EPS is growing day by day. But you should know that some payment systems can get restricted due to location problems.