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Exness Trading platforms Reviewed by

Exness features multiple trading platforms designed for mobile, desktop, and online use. Each one offers unique experiences but users can be assured to find the main functions of Exness in whichever terminal they choose. It’s thus possible to trade effectively on any terminal.

Web Terminal Reviewed by

Exness Web Terminal is an intuitive and user-friendly trading interface featuring top-notch charting technology that’s sure to offer a well-rounded trading experience. It’s a web-based platform that supports fundamental trading features similar to those in desktop versions of MT4 and MT5. Since it requires no installation of software and users can access the platform online, It becomes a perfect choice for beginners and expert traders who prefer to just log in and trade. It saves them time and lengthy procedures. 

Exness terminal is specially designed for active traders and has 100+ popular CFDs, over 50 drawing tools, 100 indicators, and a versatile charting powered by TradingView. It’s accessible via any browser on devices using Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS operating systems. 

Trading CFD involves risks

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MT4 Reviewed by

MT4 is a popular trading platform that’s friendly to traders of any level and experience. It’s available for both desktop and mobile users who wish to trade on the go. The multi-terminal platform boasts over 200 trading instruments spread across 6 distinct asset classes and robust reporting and analysis tools. What’s more, you can manage up to 128 real accounts and 10 demos at a go on the MT4 platform.

MT5 Reviewed by

MT5 is an upgraded version of MetaTrader 4 boasting improved functions and features. This has made it a popular choice for many currency exchange investors and brokerage service providers around the globe. It has robust features and advanced tools to give an optimal trading experience. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and iOS PC users as well as mobile traders. Users can choose from 5 different account types and trade with over 200 instruments spread across 6 asset categories. It has unique features such as the Hedging system, inbuilt forex calendar, MetaEditor, and an intuitive programming language.

Main features of WebTerminal Reviewed by

Quick, simple login Reviewed by

Exness web terminal doesn’t ask for unnecessary details or require users to download or install any application. Just browse the website online using any browser to find this portal and access your account from your Personal Area. You’ll enjoy the platform’s core features just like on MT5 from a streamlined design.

Speedy and secure Reviewed by

Exness tasked their innovative programmers to develop a robust system that’s fast and intuitive. The web app is based on HTML5 and users can expect a glitch-free trading experience. Users will hardly experience terminal errors whether they access this tool on their PC or mobile device. It’s also safe and ensures utmost data protection through proper encryption standards.

Trading CFD involves risks

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Other Features Exness Webtrader Reviewed by

Here are some of the functions you’ll see when you open the Webtrader Exness terminal:

Main Menu – it hosts navigation features and pop-ups that highlight actions you can take to manage your account better. Under the main menu you can find:

Notifications button –  this button enables you to stay abreast with the latest events that may affect your trade. It’s helpful to check this tab often or switch the push notifications on so that you get timely notifications. You get real-time updates on margin call, change in your account balance, closed orders, price jumps and drops, open pending order, and others. 

Portfolio – this tab occurs below an open chart and makes it easy for you to see an account’s all open orders, pending and closed orders. It also displays information about open price, open time, profit, loss, stop loss, and take profit. It also provides an option to alter or close open and pending orders. 

Trading functions – this menu occurs at the top-right side and is designed for hassle-free management of training accounts. It also opens the market and pending orders. 

Instrument tabs – these buttons enable users to control what they wish to view. They can set their desired indicators with TradingView, view different categories, save their chart layouts, and so forth.

Accounts – Exness WebTerminal offers 6 account types classified under standard and professional categories. Each is designed to offer different benefits to suit the needs of different users. There are no commission accounts with as low as 0 spreads and $1 minimum deposits. You can open a demo for each of these account types. 

Get access to Exness WebTerminal Reviewed by

Browse Exness from a browser of your choice and go to the bar labeled “Platforms.” From the given options, press Exness Terminal and go to the page. You’ll notice a sign-in link that leads you to a sign-up area where you can create a new account if you are a new user. If you already have an account, enter your details to sign in and you’ll be directed to a Personal Area. 

Trading CFD involves risks

Access to Web Terminal

You could also access the web terminal from your MT5 account by simply tapping the Trade button and selecting Exness Terminal. This leads you to your Personal area.

You have the option to switch between the demo and real account tabs depending on which account you want to use to open the webterminal.

Exness Web Trade: Basic tips for successful Trading Reviewed by

This list of recommendations is obvious, but not all novice traders follow them.

Customizing your workspace is possible with the WebTerminal Exness, allowing for personalized adjustments that cater to individual requirements. Exploring the array of layout options and experimenting with diverse chart settings is recommended until finding an optimal configuration.

Multiple timeframes are accessible on Web Trader, providing an advantageous tool for recognizing trends and facilitating informed trading choices. Experimenting with various timeframes is advised to identify the ones that best correspond with one’s trading strategy.

The charting tools available on the Exness Webtrader include drawing tools and technical indicators, which assist in identifying trends, support and resistance levels, as well as other critical trading signals. Familiarizing oneself with these instruments and their effective implementation is recommended.

Risk management can be achieved by utilizing stop-loss orders, an order type that automatically concludes a trade when it reaches a predetermined level of loss. This safeguard is a robust tool for protecting one’s capital and managing risk in every trade.

Staying informed about economic events is vital for traders to seize trading opportunities. Monitoring relevant news and economic data is a fundamental aspect of their routine.

Configure WebTerminal Reviewed by

There are various ways you can customize your WebTerminal to match your specific needs. It’s helpful to note that the WebTerminal offers robust chart features that you can exploit to make better trading moves. Here are some aspects you can configure on your WebTerminal:

Chart Window – the chart appears under the instruments tab. You can modify a chart by adding an indicator, setting a preferred chart type, or timeframe, or saving a template and setting a new style. The platform offers three chart types: bar, candle, and line.

Watchlist – you can personalize your watchlist by adding and removing instruments or setting the instruments to show your preferred parameters. For instance, organize instruments by Ask and Bid prices or market status, among others.

Trading CFD involves risks

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FAQ Reviewed by

What you can trade in Web Terminal?

The Exness web trade platform offers hundreds of trading instruments spread across six categories. Find hundreds of assets in forex, energies, metals, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices.   

How to open an Exness demo account in Web Terminal?

Go to the Exness home page and choose the Exness Webterminal. Click “sign in to Exness” and you’ll be directed to a signup page to input your details. If it’s your first time using EXness, select Create an account. Provide your details: your country/region of residence. Email ID and a strong password. There’s an optional part to include a partner code and a declaration that you don’t live in the US for tax reasons. Once you register, the system directs you to a Personal area where you’ll view about six trading accounts. Each gives an option to “Try a Demo” account. Choose a trading account and tap the Demo option then follow the guidelines. A Demo account offers you $10,000 of virtual money and full access to the terminal where you can practice trading before you can set up an actual trading account.

How to download and install Exness Web Terminal?

The Web Terminal on Xness is specifically designed for online use. You don’t need to fetch and insert any program on your device to access the terminal. All you need is proper internet and a device installed with your favorite browser to access this platform online. Just go to the home page and choose the Web Terminal among the platforms options. Click the sign in link and give the required details to gain access to this terminal.

How to get started with Exness Web Terminal?

Getting started with the Exness web trading tool is simple. Just go online from any browser and find the terminal on the company’s website. Sign up by giving your personal details and the system will lead you to a Personal Area. Here, you can open your desired account type whether it’s a real one or a demo, and start using the robust platform.