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Using Exness MetaTrader 4 for Windows Reviewed by

MT4 is a robust program that works seamlessly on windows systems. Follow this three-step process to set it up: download and install it on your PC, set up an account, and begin actual trading.

Installation Reviewed by

To have the MT4 running on your laptop or desktop, install it first. Get the MT4 app file from the broker’s web portal. Alternatively, the download link can be accessed through leading search engines by keying relevant keywords. Run the file and follow the step-by-step installation guidelines, until the process is finished. When the process is finished, the Exness MetaTrader 4 application opens up.

Sign up/sign in Reviewed by

For first-time users, visit the broker’s website and tap the signup button to complete the signup process. If you are already a registered user, begin the sign-in journey by navigating to the menu, and tapping to log in to your trade account. The system will prompt you to provide your account credentials for sign-in purposes. Provide the requested details, then press the login button to access your account. After a successful login, you’ll notice a ringing sound that confirms the login process was successful.

Get started Reviewed by

To start the process of trading on Exness, you need to open a new order. The opening of trading orders can be achieved in several ways; go to the toolbar menu and then click on the “new order» option. In addition, it is easy to open new orders from the keyboard of your device. To open a new order this way, press F9 and open a new order. The last way you could open an order is with an open market watch window. As soon as you are satisfied with the orders you have placed, place an order(s) either to sell or to buy on the market

Using Exness MetaTrader 4 for Mac Reviewed by

Metaquotes, a well-known software brand has developed an MT4 application that is very compatible with macOS operating systems. For macOS traders who wish to use the MT4 program, the installation interface activates with ease. Just click the download link and follow the installation guidelines step by step, until the entire process is finished.

Installation Reviewed by

MT4 application can be installed on laptops and desktop computers running on macOS with the aid of Wine. Wine which can be accessed for free makes it possible for Unix-based systems to operate programs designed for Microsoft-based operating systems. Only one version of Wine has been built for Mac OS. The quickest way to install MT4 on Mac systems is by downloading the customized file from the official web portal and installing the program just like any other application.

Sign up/sign in Reviewed by

For macOS-operated systems, start the process by running the MT4 interface/terminal on your laptop or desktop. Navigate to the terminal menu and tap file, thereafter choose login to the trading account. Provide the required details and press login. After a successful login, the system produces a ringing sound that confirms your successful login.

Get starting Reviewed by

After a successful login, you can begin your actual trade on the MT4 platform by opening new trade orders. When the new orders are ready, place them to either buy or sell by market.

How to Use Exness MetaTrader 4 for Android Reviewed by

MT4 provides traders with a nice trade experience via its powerful Android application. Through this app, users can undertake their trade activities anytime, from anywhere on the globe. The process of installing and running this app is very easy. Follow the steps systematically until the process is finished.

Installation Reviewed by

For installation purposes, the first thing to do is to get the MT4 android app from the company’s website. The time taken to download Exness MT4 file is very short, especially for users with good internet connectivity. With MT4 now saved in your storage disc, tap to start the installation wizard and complete the process by setting up as well as managing the account.

Sign up/sign in Reviewed by

Access the MT4 interface through its main menu. Next, choose the option “manage accounts”. Tap the +icon and then choose to sign in to an existing account. Provide the required data and tap login.

Getting started Reviewed by

To start your trade journey on MT4, you need to place an order. To place your orders, navigate to quotes. Then, you’ll be required to set your preferred order parameters. these include take profit, deviation, and stop loss. Determine what you wish to achieve, whether it is to sell by the market or buy by the market. The decision you make will activate the selling or buying process. To close your orders, you need to hit the trade icon. Finally, tap and hold the specific order and select “close order” to close.

Steps to Use Exness MetaTrader 4 for iOS Reviewed by

For you to use MT4 on iOS, you are required to insert the software on your mobile. You would begin the process by downloading the application. Once the app is saved in your selected storage area, you’d tap on the download to install. Wait for the process to complete, to manage your user account to meet your goals. To manage the account, click MT4 and tap settings. Choose a new account and tap to sign in to an already existing or known account. Input all the required data and then log in. However, read on to discover an update by Apple about this app.

Installation Reviewed by

As of November 22, 2022, the MT4 app for iOS use is unavailable. This has resulted from a press announcement made by Apple. The publisher of the app, MetaQuotes, is working behind the scenes to have the app back to its users. Users who already have the app on their gadgets have not been affected by this announcement. That notwithstanding, such users are advised not to uninstall the app during this time. In the meantime, for traders who have uninstalled the app and wish to trade via their mobile platform, Meta Trader Web Terminal comes in handy.

Sign up/sign in Reviewed by

To sign up or sign in on the MT4 platform, navigate to settings. Then tap New Account and choose to sign in to an existing account. Input all the required data and sign in.

Get started Reviewed by

To start your trading activities on MT4 through the iOS app, begin by opening your order. To begin the order placement, navigate to quotes. Tap on your chosen trade symbol and then tap trade. Put your trade commands and choose to take profit or even stop loss. The final step is to sell by the market to begin the selling process or buy by the market to begin the buying process.

About Exness MT4 Reviewed by

Developed by MetaQuotes a leading software brand, MT4 is an app that gives traders wide opportunities for digital trading activities. Through MT4, traders can optimize its unique attributes to trade on various currency pairs, other trade tools, and instruments.

FAQ Reviewed by

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Exness MT4. Look at them and find out more about this terminal.

What are the main advantages of the Exness MT4 terminal? Reviewed by

If you wish to try Exness, download MT4 and discover the numerous benefits the terminal presents to its users. Find some advantages associated with the robust tool below:

How do you open an Exness MT4 demo account? Reviewed by

Visit the broker’s digital platform and fill in all the required personal data to sign into your account. Tap the demo account available in my area. Navigate to open a new account and then choose, to try a ‘demo account’. Set your account parameters and open the account.

How to download Exness MT4 for PC? Reviewed by

Visit the broker’s digital estate to access the MT4 file link. Click the link to begin the process of extracting the file to your laptop or desktop. When the extraction or download is complete, tap on the file. It will run and automatically install the program on your PC. Follow the installation guidelines step by step. Remember, you’ll get the Exness MT4 download free of charge.

How to get started with Exness? Reviewed by

Start the process by opening a new order. Opening a new order is straightforward. Navigate to the toolbar menu and tap new order. It’s also possible to open a new order through the keyboard, to do this, click the F9 button. Once you open a new order, place it and decide to either buy or sell by market.