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The trading dashboard provides a convenient way to access and analyze market data. With multiple widgets at your disposal, you can customize the dashboard according to your individual requirements.

The trading dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your portfolio and activity history. Additionally, it offers alerts and real-time quotes.

Trade on the go Reviewed by

No matter your experience level or knowledge of trading, taking trading on the go offers numerous advantages. You can access your account information, keep tabs on market movements and create watchlists from anywhere in the world with ease.

Mobile trading apps make it simple to stay abreast of your portfolio and stay abreast of market movements. Furthermore, these tools enable you to place orders while on-the-go and monitor positions as they develop.

Our award-winning app enables you to trade on the go and provides comprehensive tools for monitoring global markets, analyzing individual securities and tracking a wide variety of market events. Plus, you can customize your workspace and manage watchlists conveniently.

To access the Trading Dashboard, log in to your Riskalyze account using your username and password. On the Trading tab you’ll see all of your account data organized by trade reason, custodian and advisor.

Each account displays a brief status report, including buy and sell reasons, estimated capital gains or losses associated with that trade, as well as the Risk Number(r) drift for each transaction.

This is an ideal tool for comparing different strategies and monitoring your performance against the markets. Plus, you can create custom watch lists to keep tabs on your most profitable securities.

With IG Mobile, traders can trade on more than 18,000 global markets in real-time. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to navigate and use. Furthermore, traders have access to full dealing functionality as well as a range of additional services like full-screen charts and the capability of activating real-time alerts.

If you want to maximize your portfolio’s investment return, selecting a broker with a mobile trading app is likely best. But be mindful — losing money could occur during the process.

Mobile trading apps offer many of the same benefits and features as desk-based trading, but research has revealed they may cause more harm than good if not used responsibly. The Leibniz Institute in Germany cautions that it is crucial to choose the correct app for you and use it wisely.

Track your portfolio Reviewed by

For traders seeking an efficient way to monitor their portfolio, there are plenty of apps that can assist. They connect with financial accounts and measure performance against a benchmark index or fund. Furthermore, some offer retirement tracking, asset allocation, and fee analysis capabilities.

Stock trading apps should offer several key features that set them apart, such as portfolio tracking, an emphasis on individual stocks and an in-depth market analysis feature.

No matter your level of expertise or lack thereof, having a reliable tracking app will keep you up to date on market activities and investments. This should give you all the data necessary to make informed decisions and prevent costly losses.

Portfolio tracking apps offer comprehensive data and email reports that you can use to keep tabs on your investments. Most have a free version that provides some features, but many offer paid versions with more in-depth data and reporting capabilities.

A suitable tracking app should also enable you to design a target asset allocation that suits your risk tolerance and time horizon. Since everyone’s situation differs, such an app should enable users to create new target allocations after life events or market conditions change.

Another essential feature is rebalancing, which will automatically adjust your portfolio according to your objectives. This feature is especially advantageous for retirees who may have lower risk tolerances than new employees entering the labor force.

Our award-winning mobile trading app provides full trading functionality and real-time alerts for traders of all levels. It includes an in-depth market overview and charts, so you can monitor prices in real-time. Plus, you can view which stocks are performing well and which industries are trending.

We’re thrilled to offer our trading dashboard free of charge to all of our customers — no purchase necessary! Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced trader, our goal is to help take your trading to the next level. Start your free trial now and experience how easy it can be to stay organized in your portfolio!

Get real-time quotes Reviewed by

Real-time quotes are essential components of the trading process. Not only does it help you avoid losses by alerting you when to buy or sell stocks, but it also allows for comparison between different stocks to assess how they’re performing in relation to one another.

Our award-winning mobile trading app gives you instant access to live streaming market data, independent analyst reports and more. Setting up price alerts and monitoring your portfolio has never been simpler — all while staying within the comfort of your device! Plus, check account balances, send trading messages — all without ever needing to leave the convenience of your pocket!

The Trading Dashboard is the premier source for real-time trading data and news. It’s free to use, with powerful analytical tools to assist with research, evaluation and investment decisions.

It provides a robust selection of customizable charts and indicators, allowing you to analyze the market in whatever way suits your trading style. Plus, its user-friendly interface and uncluttered design make it ideal for anyone who requires real-time data on the go.

This feature provides live market data from the NYSE, Nasdaq and TSX exchanges as well as BATS (Better Alternative Trading System) in the US markets. Furthermore, you can create your own custom views and charts using drag-and-drop capabilities.

You can view historical data to get an overview of the market’s performance. This includes gross profit/loss, profit factor, win rate %, total positions and more.

TC2000 provides free real-time stock pricing and charting in the US, as well as BATS exchange data for the rest of the world. It also has an extensive library of technical indicators along with advanced charting tools.

Yahoo Finance is an excellent source for free real-time quotes and charts on the US stock market. Its interactive charts run full screen, boasting 114 technical indicators. Furthermore, Yahoo Finance provides access to various free data sources like Kiplinger newsfeed and Stocktwits.

Alexandria Institutional Feed provides real-time market sentiment from people on the trading floor of one of the world’s largest investment banks. Its groundbreaking technology uncovers sentiment intelligence within unstructured content worldwide and delivers it to institutional investors in contexts that matter most to them.

Get alerts Reviewed by

The Trading Dashboard provides the power of alerts to stay ahead of market news and opportunities. You can set up alerts to monitor price changes, percentage changes, moving averages, and more with ease.

These notifications can help determine if an investment is on the rise and help decide when to buy or sell. They’re especially beneficial around major news events like earnings reports that could significantly impact stock prices.

Some services provide alerts for specific prices, like the current market value or a target price. Others employ technology to forecast stock or ETF future values.

Trade Ideas is an example of a stock prediction service that utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect unusual trade activity. This can identify patterns that might indicate when it’s best to buy or sell stock, such as when there’s been a short squeeze.

MetaStock is a popular technical analysis tool that offers various versions to fit your trading needs. You can select from daily or weekly alerts, as well as an array of charting tools and other features to customize your experience.

Though these alerts can be useful, it’s wise to test them out on a paper trading account before making real trades. Some of these services offer profit targets, real-time day trades and market commentary so you can hone your trading skills without risking any money.

Before signing up for any service, make sure it offers chatroom access so you can share your trades and trading experiences with other members. Some services also provide courses which teach how to create one’s own trading strategy and system.

These services may be most suitable for experienced traders with the time and resources to conduct their own research and analysis. They could be an advantageous option if you want to enhance your overall understanding of financial markets and become an active investor.

Other services offer simple to follow rules-based approaches for trading success. They have watch lists, scanners, idea vetting and other features designed to assist traders make informed decisions. Active investors who aim to improve their performance and boost the number of profitable trades in their portfolio should benefit from these solutions.