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How to Use Easy Verification to Set Up a Google Business Account Reviewed by

If you own a small business or are an established entrepreneur, setting up Google Business Profile with your account makes it simpler. Plus, having access to more financial details about your company gives you greater insight into its performance.

Opening an account is a relatively straightforward process, provided you have all necessary documents. Be sure to bring along a valid government-issued photo ID as well as an official document proving your address.

A business account makes it easier to set up Google Business Profile. Reviewed by

Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business, is a free service that enables businesses to manage their presence on both Google Search and Maps. For small business owners, this can be an invaluable asset since it helps customers quickly locate your establishment online and engage with you directly.

Establishing and verifying your Google Business Profile with a business account is simple. Additionally, it keeps the finances for your business separate from personal ones — something which is crucial during tax season.

If your business is small or medium-sized, optimizing your Google Business Profile is essential to boost local search rankings and enhance customer satisfaction. Here are three ways that can get the ball rolling:

A business account is an exclusive type of bank account designed specifically for businesses. They often come equipped with features like electronic transfers and the capacity to pay with a business card.

When opening a business account, you’ll receive either an email address or phone number verification code that can be used to confirm your identity when creating a Google Business Profile.

In addition to basic information about your business, such as hours and address, you can use your Business Profile to post pictures of it, solicit reviews, advertise specials and events. Be sure to include keywords related to both your industry and company so people searching for them will find your company easily.

Once you receive reviews on your Google Business Profile, be sure to respond. It’s an effective way to build credibility and demonstrate that you value and appreciate customer input.

If your service business offers multiple locations, you can add them to the map. Be sure to enter the cities or zip codes that your business serves so customers can get directions directly to your establishment from a map.

In the event of a disaster such as COVID-19, you can inform your customers in case they need to evacuate. Furthermore, include any precautions your business takes for keeping its customers and employees secure.

Verify your email address with the code sent to your existing email. Reviewed by

Email verification is the straightforward process of verifying whether an email address exists or not. It’s essential for keeping a healthy domain and inbox, as it prevents spam filters from detecting nonexistent addresses.

Verifying an email address is possible in several ways, depending on your individual situation. If you have a large list of unverified addresses, consider using bulk verification services which send all addresses through the process once or twice daily. Alternatively, real-time verification services validate each address as it enters into your form.

Verification services typically scan your entire mailing list for potential spam traps, addresses designed to capture email senders who aren’t abiding by best practices. They also assign each email a «health» score based on factors like age, dormancy and role-based emails like sales or marketing.

Most verification tools also enable you to clean your existing list in order to guarantee only valid addresses are added to your mailing lists. This includes eliminating hard-bouncing addresses, inactive and dormant addresses as well as addresses marked as undeliverable.

Maintaining email deliverability requires regularly verifying addresses, especially for lists that haven’t been active in some time. Doing this helps avoid hard bounces and enhances your reputation with ISPs and ESPs.

Alternatively, you could try an email verification tool like mailfloss which will manage the entire process for you. It automatically connects to your ESP, sets preferences and sends out the verification process automatically. Choosing this option over both alternatives saves time and ensures your list stays healthy at all times.

Email validation is a necessary element of email marketing, ensuring your messages are received and not invading subscribers’ privacy or trust. It’s an essential practice for email marketers of all sizes to implement and sustain, providing tremendous advantages while avoiding numerous penalties.

Verify your phone number with the code sent to your existing phone. Reviewed by

When opening an account with us, we’ll verify the information entered is accurate by sending you a code. This security measure is widely used across websites like social networks and credit cards to protect user data and prevent fraudulence.

Use this code when signing in on another device or the webpage where you signed up for your account. Doing so will guarantee that your account remains protected with two-step verification.

Your phone number is a unique identifier that keeps global phone systems organized and accurate, even as they expand. It works similarly to an address in that it contains different parts that enable you to contact the right person.

The initial part of your phone number, known as the exit code or telephone prefix, is typically only a few digits long and indicates where you called from.

Next, your number has a country code and area code which indicate regions within that nation. These codes have been standardised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), connecting people across different nations.

This information is necessary for making international calls from the U.S., but not necessary in order to call other telecom companies worldwide.

When calling from one country to another, your call will automatically be rerouted to the phone company in your destination city. This ensures that you reach the right person without needing to repeat your number multiple times.

Area codes dating back to 1947 consist of 10 digits and are divided into three sections: the area code, telephone prefix and line number.

In the United States, these digits are fixed-length and were first implemented in the late 1940s under AT&T’s North American Numbering Plan (NANP). An area code and telephone prefix help make dialing long distance calls simpler.

Once your Google account is verified, we’ll send you a verification code via text message or voice call. If the code doesn’t arrive within an hour, we will attempt to call again at your number.

Verify your address with the code sent to your existing address. Reviewed by

A properly constructed and managed Google Business Profile can have a considerable effect on your profitability. Unfortunately, managing it can also be tedious; for instance, you might struggle to locate your new address in Google Maps or receive emails from people trying to sell you something. Fortunately, these issues are easily avoidable.

To prevent spam and keep your profile free of errors, ensure you have a valid business address first. Google offers free mail delivery service to nearby residents with its free mail delivery program; alternatively, if there’s no local post office nearby, postal services online can be used to order boxes of mail — the good news being that only once is necessary!

The great news is that you’ll receive a letter from the post office with just enough code to verify your business. All you have to do is scan and save that QR code with either your smartphone or scanner, allowing for future account checks without needing an address change.