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Exness Social Trading Minimum Deposit Reviewed by

Exness is an online broker offering trading on a variety of markets including forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, energies and indices. It is EU-regulated and provides a variety of tools and trading platforms.

The minimum deposit for both Social Standard and Social Pro accounts is USD 500 in a single transaction.

The minimum deposit for both Social Standard and Social Pro accounts is USD 500 in a single transaction Reviewed by

When it comes to social trading, the minimum deposit can make or break a strategy. It should also reflect the level of trading skill of the investor, as well as their risk tolerance.

For those who aren’t quite ready to put up the cash required for a Pro account, the Social Standard can be a good option. This account allows you to trade up to 4 crypto pairs, and it’s also a great way to learn the basics of copy trading without putting too much capital at risk.

This account requires a USD 500 minimum deposit in a single transaction. The social trading platform has a variety of different accounts, each with unique trading conditions, and it’s worth reading up on them to decide which ones are right for you.

The Social Pro account is the most popular of these and has a higher minimum deposit than the Standard, but it’s a little better suited for traders with more capital to invest in it. You’ll need an equity of at least USD 2 000 in the strategy to activate it, so it’s a little more difficult for new traders to get started.

Another important consideration is the fees and charges that apply to this account. Aside from the monthly maintenance fee, there are some charges that you may incur if you use certain features of the account.

Among the most common are mobile access and text messaging fees, which can add up to a significant amount of money if you receive alerts often. Check with your mobile service provider to find out more about these costs and how they’ll affect your account.

These fees are subject to change, and Union Bank will notify you of any changes before the changes take effect. You can avoid these fees by meeting the following criteria: combining monthly direct deposits totaling $1000 or more, maintaining an average monthly account balance of at least $1500, or holding an eligible U.S. Bank credit card.

One of the best things about this account is its 3.50% APY (annual percentage yield), which is better than what you’ll find at most national banks, making it a good option for anyone who wants to grow their savings. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have to have a positive balance in order to earn the APY.

This account is a solid choice for those who want to save up for an important purchase or trip, and it offers great tools that help you stay organized. For example, the Two-Way Sweep feature is a great way to help you maximize interest on your idle cash when it’s not needed in your liquid checking account.

You’ll also earn a cash bonus of $50 to $400 if you meet the monthly direct deposit requirements. And the account tiers let you choose how much to invest, so you can focus on short-term goals while also saving for the future. You can also use it as a general savings account to build up funds for emergencies or other expenses that you might encounter down the road.

The minimum deposit for Social Pro accounts is USD 500 in a single transaction Reviewed by

In the social trading space, the minimum deposit for both Social Standard and Social Pro accounts is a hefty USD 500 in a single transaction. The aforementioned is not the only minimum investment required to start making money in this new breed of online investment.

Aside from the minimum, strategy providers have a choice of account types for their social trading based strategies. These accounts present some unique trading conditions to the untrained eye, and a little research will go a long way in ensuring you get a leg up on your peers.

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The minimum deposit for Social Standard accounts is USD 500 in a single transaction Reviewed by

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The minimum deposit for Social Standard accounts is USD 500 in a single transaction. The strategy provider must also have an equity of USD 2 000 in the strategy account before it can be activated. This is the same as for the Pro trading account available in the Personal Area.