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Exness Predictive Analytics Reviewed by

Exness is a well-known broker that offers a wide variety of trading tools. It also has a high TrustPilot rating.

Its Android app has a good user-friendly interface that’s perfect for beginners. It also features instant deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, it has a trade calculator.

Technical Analysis Indicator Reviewed by

In financial analysis, technical analysis (TA) is a technique used to predict and identify profitable investment opportunities through the study of price movement in securities or markets. TA can be applied to a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and futures.

Technical analysis uses charts to assess and track the historical trends of a security or a market, as well as analyze investor sentiment. It is based on two basic assumptions: that all markets are efficient and that asset prices, even random, form a trend or pattern.

Traders use technical analysis to identify the strength and momentum of a trend, as well as to determine the best entry and exit points for trades. They also use it to track changes in price and volume, which helps to spot overbought and oversold situations.

One of the most popular technical trading indicators is the moving average convergence divergence (MACD). It calculates the relationship between two moving averages, usually a simple moving average and a 12-period exponential moving average, and is commonly used by day traders to forecast price movements.

Another indicator is the accumulation/distribution line, which is a measure of how much money has flowed into or out of a security over a certain period. When the slope of this line is rising, it indicates that more money has been flowing into a security than out. This can be a strong indicator that new money is entering the market and that a trend may continue.

A third indicator is the RSI, which measures the relative strength of a security. When this indicator is above its 20-day moving average, it suggests that a trend is likely to continue. When it is below its 20-day moving average, it suggests a weak trend is likely to continue.

The Bollinger Bands are a type of technical indicator used by day traders to indicate the upper and lower limits of a trend. When a security breaks outside these bands, it generally signals increased volatility or reversal patterns, indicating possible entry points for trades depending on market conditions at the time.

Alpha Indicator Reviewed by

The TC Alpha Indicator is an easily customizable plugin that superimposes Trading Central’s technical analysis strategies, forecast, commentary and key areas onto live trading charts. It’s a great way to get more out of your trading, helping you spot and take advantage of market opportunities before they happen.

The indicator uses three lines to measure trend strength, momentum and a possible reversal. These include a main line, an average directional index (ADX) and two additional lines called DI+ and DI-. A drop in the ADX below 30 suggests the market is oversold, while a rise above 70 means that it is overbought.

This is an important indicator for investors looking to find support and resistance levels, as well as identifying potential entry points and exit levels. It is also an excellent indicator for detecting potential reversals, especially when used with other technical tools such as the primary trend and RSI.

It’s similar to the on-balance volume (OBV) indicator, but it considers trading range and where the close is in that range rather than simply looking at the price closing on a particular day. As a result, it gives volume more weight when the stock closes near its high than when it closes near the middle of its range.

As with any indicator, it’s essential to choose the right one for your style of trading. In addition to considering its compatibility with other indicators, you should also check its accuracy and sensitivity.

For example, a supertrend indicator might be too slow or too fast for your trades. It might even cause false signals when the market moves sideways, experts said.

A supertrend indicator is an algorithm that looks for patterns that might have significance to your trades. These include a rising trend, a declining trend or a rising reversal. It is a bit like the RSI indicator, only it is more sophisticated and offers better accuracy.

In a nutshell, the Supertrend indicator is an effective tool for detecting market trends and predicting potential reversals, but it needs to be used in conjunction with other indicators such as a primary trend, RSI or parabolic SAR. It’s not for everyone and is not as accurate as a good trend indicator, so you should only use it when you know that it’s going to be able to deliver profitable trades.

Market Sentiment Indicator Reviewed by

Market sentiment indicators are a tool that aims to show how investors and traders feel about the economy or markets. These can be based on data from professional articles, social media and personal blogs. These are typically a great way to determine the psychology of a particular security, and they can also help traders make informed decisions about where to place their trades.

Sentiment indicators are a great tool to use in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. However, they should be interpreted cautiously because they can provide false signals and may not be as reliable as other indicators.

Another popular measure of market sentiment is the volatility index, which indicates how much price moves between highs and lows over a certain period. The higher the market’s volatility, the more anxious investors are.

When the VIX spikes, it signals fear in the market and often suggests an impending crash. This indicator is also used by policymakers to help determine the direction of interest rates, for example.

The put/call ratio — shows the number of investors who are long compared to those who are short. The more bullish the ratio, the more optimistic investors are about the market.

Other sentiment indicators can include the percentage of stocks that are above their 52-week highs, which reflects bullish sentiment. Conversely, the percentage of stocks that are below their 52-week lows reflects pessimistic sentiment.

In addition to the above-mentioned sentiment indicators, many traders also use a wide variety of technical and fundamental indicators to help confirm a trend’s onset or to identify market turning points. They combine these different indicators to create a trading strategy that they believe is the most effective for their specific investment objectives.

The SentimenTrader Indicator is a customizable plugin that superimposes Trading Central’s technical analysis strategies, forecast, commentary and key areas onto live trading charts. This allows users to quickly and easily view the most important data from multiple markets, including Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and ETFs. The plugin includes a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of interactive charts, 2300 sentiment indicators and signals.

Trading Central Reviewed by

Trading Central’s patented pattern recognition applications continually scan 89 markets to identify patterns that may indicate price movement and provide investment insight. Combined with expert analyst research, this enables traders to develop strong strategies and make confident trades.

Trading Central is a leading global financial market analysis provider that combines analyst research and automated analytics to help investors make informed decisions and achieve optimum returns on their investments. The company’s expert team of registered investment analysts provide unbiased trading ideas, in-context education and investment validation on more than 8,000 tradable assets across multiple instruments.

Traders can access Trading Central’s content via the MetaTrader 4 desktop, web and mobile platforms. The Admirals Supreme Edition plugin offers full integration with Trading Central’s advanced technical indicators and tools, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

The Admirals Supreme Edition plugin features a number of advanced trading tools and indicators from Trading Central, including their Featured Ideas(tm) and Technical Insight(tm) indicators. Whether you’re a new or experienced trader, these indicators can improve your trading methodology and decision-making process.

These indicators can be useful in both bullish and bearish scenarios but it is important to note that they are designed to be used as part of a wider strategy rather than solely as a trading signal. This is particularly true when it comes to using the Featured Ideas(tm) indicator to confirm or contradict your own bias on a particular market.

In addition to their Featured Ideas(tm) indicators, Trading Central also provides a number of other indicators that are relevant to specific trading horizons and will provide additional information to support your trading decision. These include a Highlights view, which summarizes all the Technical Events that are relevant to the trading horizon that is being viewed. The standard view is a simple list of the events found and the Detailed or Charts views allow you to see each event in more detail.

Trading Central’s patented analysis algorithms also monitors the latest price levels in real-time and provides expert commentary, key areas onto live trading charts and a daily newsletter to provide insights into the future direction of markets. The daily newsletters offer a comprehensive overview of market activity and are published by a dedicated research desk.