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Exness Education: How to start trading with Exness?

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Welcome to Exness! You can begin your trading on this trading platform. For this, you must have an Exness account and complete other steps. I have listed all the steps you need to complete to start trading below. 

Step 1: Register and Set up an Exness account

Step 2: Verify your account

Step 3: Make your first deposit

Step 4: Pick a trading terminal

Step 5: Begin trading

Register and open an account: Reviewed by

To start trading on Exness, you should have an Exness account. First, you should get registered for an Exness account. For this, you can drop by our website. There is an option ‘Open Account’ on the top of our homepage screen. It will ask for some details to open the account. Then, you can go through the instructions given there. In this way, you can register and open an account. 

Complete account verification: Reviewed by

After registering yourself, the next step is verifying your account. There are specific actions that you need to do to complete the verification. These actions include the following:

After these actions, we will confirm these details on our side. This procedure is essential to ensure that you handle your account securely. And there is no third party involved. 

Make the first deposit: Reviewed by

You have your own verified Exness account. Next, you need to start trading. First, you will have to make the first deposit into your account. Next, you will notice a ‘Personal Area’ page. On this page, there is a ‘Deposit tab.’ It shows all the payment methods present. These methods will be according to your registered regions.

You can look at all the payment methods and select the one that best suits you. Then, you can see the verification prerequisites for the method you selected. Before choosing any method, you should gain proper knowledge of how to make the first deposit.

Note: Reviewed by

There are specific minimum deposit requirements for trading. You must meet these requirements before you can start trading. Otherwise, an error message will show that the ‘Trade is Disabled.’ It is deactivated by default. 

Choose a trading terminal: Reviewed by

Now that you have made the first deposit, the next step is selecting a trading terminal. Exness provides you with a variety of trading terminals. This range of terminals allows you to trade easily with convenience. These trading terminals include the following:

Start trading: Reviewed by

Now, we have completed the following steps:

Now, you can start trading on Exness.