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MEXEM Trader Workstation — Download Trading Platform Software Reviewed by

Trader Workstation (TWS) is a comprehensive software package for trading stocks, options, futures and forex in 150 markets around the world. It includes numerous order types, algorithms and efficiency-enhancing tools designed to help traders become more efficient traders.

TWS can also be integrated into third-party order entry, charting and back-testing applications via the TWS API. To do so, simply call on our support staff for assistance.

MEXEM Trader Workstation Reviewed by

MEXEM Trader Workstation is a trading platform software that enables you to trade stocks, options, futures and structured products on the global markets from anywhere with just your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the MEXEM mobile app, you can access your personal account at all times and trade globally from wherever life takes you with the convenience of trading on-the-go!

The MEXEM Trader Workstation is ideal for experienced traders seeking to maximize their profits with automated trading. It includes real-time data, advanced charts, market depth, price risk analytics and much more to help traders maximize their returns.

You can use the MEXEM Trader Workstation with any broker that supports the MEXEM mobile application. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded directly from the MEXEM website.

MEXEM Trader Workstation offers a suite of indicators, expert advisors and automated trading scripts to assist you in making informed decisions on the stock market. Plus, you can customize it according to your own trading needs and strategies.

Before you begin trading, it is essential to learn how to utilize the MEXEM Trader Workstation effectively. Furthermore, understanding order types and how they function is key; additionally, each order type carries with it certain risks that should be taken into consideration.

MEXEM Trader provides users with 60 different order types, from limit and market orders to complex ones like stop loss, trail and relative. Plus you have the option of controlling your orders using a hedging rule for added peace of mind.

MEXEM allows you to trade the world’s top stock indexes and markets. Plus, its selection of futures, currencies and options allows for convenient trading from the same account as stocks and ETFs without any additional fees.

MEXEM offers fractional shares, a great way to invest monthly without purchasing full shares. Plus, its low minimum deposit of EUR100 makes it accessible to most Belgians.

MEXEM is supported by Interactive Brokers, one of the world’s largest brokers with a reputable reputation. However, MEXEM may not be suitable for beginners so it would be beneficial to have some previous experience in financial trading before beginning trading with them.

TWS Online Reviewed by

Trader Workstation (TWS) is Interactive Brokers’ desktop trading platform that can be downloaded onto Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. This software is tailored towards advanced traders with access to various tools like delta hedging, automated trade execution and more.

TWS boasts a powerful and customizable interface with multiple ‘drag and snap’ layouts that enable traders to efficiently execute orders, manage their portfolio, view watchlists and analyze trading charts at once. Furthermore, the Mosaic window can be enhanced with premium subscriptions from analyst providers or real-time market news filtered by subject for added convenience.

Mosaic view also features multiple named Watchlist windows, designed to help traders monitor real-time market quotes based on their subscriptions. These watchlists can be tailored to fit the needs of any trader and enabled them to create alerts that alert them of significant market movements.

TWS provides traders with Watchlists and the option to backtest their strategies using historical trading data. They can save this data into a template, which then serves as the basis for creating new templates in the future.

TWS provides a range of order types that can help reduce risk, expedite execution and minimize losses. These include ‘Conditional Orders’ which require certain conditions be fulfilled before submission, ‘VWAP’ orders which aim for volume weighted average price attainment and ‘Bracket Orders’ which limit losses by placing two opposing orders simultaneously.

TWS differs from other trading platforms in that it doesn’t provide traders with full volume profile and market profile indicators for each security, but instead provides a selection of standard chart configurations which are straightforward to create. Furthermore, users can save their favourite layouts as templates so they can reuse them again and again.

In addition to TWS online, an offline installer is available for those without internet access. Please be aware that updates to this version must be downloaded manually as they won’t be automatically applied.

TWS Offline Reviewed by

The Trader Workstation (TWS) is an advanced trading platform designed by industry professionals. It provides users with a suite of tools that enable them to trade various products like stocks, options, futures, forex and bonds globally on over 135 exchanges from one account.

After installation, a desktop icon will be created that you can double-click to log in and begin using TWS. You have the option of signing into your live or paper account or demo account by clicking the Login to TWS option located on the main screen of TWS.

Once logged into TWS, you can take advantage of various trading features such as the Portfolio window for quick account overview and position detail, Order Entry window to create and transmit orders instantly, Order Monitor for tracking live orders. Furthermore, technical research and analysis tools are available to help make informed trading decisions.

Advanced users who manage large portfolios (over 500 stocks or 100 options positions) or who simultaneously open more than 15 chart windows may need to manually increase the memory allotted for TWS in order to accommodate higher demands from both programs. To do this, open tws.vmoptions in a sub directory of Jts folder named according to your build version, such as C:Jts955tws.vmoptions for TWS 955.

If you are uncertain of what this file is, open the Help menu and select «About». From here, you can check the maximum heap size in Java Version section.

Additionally, TWS users have the ability to modify its memory size through the Global Configuration page. This feature comes in handy for advanced users who manage large portfolios or open multiple chart windows simultaneously.

TWS Always Upto Date Version automatically upgrades itself whenever an update is available, guaranteeing you the newest features and functions at all times.

TWS API Reviewed by

When trading, you’ll need to download and use a trading platform software that helps execute trades. These programs come in various styles and allow traders to backtest and automate their trades.

Many of these programs provide charting and data feeds. Depending on the platform you select, some even feature advanced technical analysis tools and stock screening capabilities.

For instance, a high-performance trading package can include an exclusive ChartDOM that provides charts with charts integrated and is fast to use. Furthermore, this supports trading and order routing as well as market data from major exchanges.

Furthermore, many of these systems provide automated trading capabilities tailored towards day traders. Furthermore, some may even enable you to build custom indicators and alerts.

Many of these platforms are free to download, however they may charge a fee for additional features. Prices can range anywhere from a few dollars up to several hundred per month.

When downloading software packages from TWS, it’s usually necessary to establish a local socket connection between your computer and TWS. This connection is usually identified by a host and port number which can be found in TWS by selecting File > Global Configuration > API -> Settings -> Socket Port.

Once your socket connection to TWS has been established, you can begin interacting with its various API functions. These requests can range from retrieving real-time data to sending an order or requesting market depth.

If you’re uncertain how to call an API function, consult its documentation. You may also look for error messages in the API logs or contact API support representatives for further assistance with a particular issue.

TWS allows you to create a variety of orders through its interface, such as one-click trading, profit takers and One Cancels Others (OCOs). These orders help limit risk, improve price discovery and expedite execution. Furthermore, advanced features like hedging pairs or managing multiple orders simultaneously are available. With over 100 order types and algos available in TWS, you have access to them all tailored to fit your trading style and preferences.