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Exness Mobile App — Trading Platform for Android and iOS Reviewed by

Research by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) shows the daily trading volume of the forex markets is $6.6 billion. Your success in forex trading starts with choosing a broker that provides you with an efficient platform that makes your work easy. One such platform is the Exness trader app that’s available in Android and iOS versions.

Download Exness Apk for Android Reviewed by

The Exness forex apk is designed to allow traders to access the Mt4 and Mt5 trading platforms on smartphones and tablets. Follow these steps to download Mt4 Exness Android app on your mobile device.

Trading CFD involves risks

Sign Up and Download

Once you complete the quick and easy registration process, you will be eligible to download the Exness mobile app.

Now hit the “Download” button to get the app on your smartphone or tablet. Click on the Google Play store button or follow the direct link to download Exness Apk now.

Ensure your internet connection isn’t disrupted during the download process for a smooth download experience.

Installation the Exness Trader Apk Reviewed by

With the Exness trader app now on your device, you’re minutes away from accessing the world’s largest forex market. While still on the Google Play interface, click the “Install” button to complete the installation process. This step will take a few minutes and your app will be ready for use.

Sign up/Sign in Reviewed by

You’ll need to create a trading account with Exness before you can trade forex on its platform. There are two types of accounts you can create using the Exness mobile app. There are:

Trading CFD involves risks

Sign up and Download App

Follow these steps to sign up for an Exness trading account.

1. Launch the mobile application you installed on your device in the steps described above.

2. On the login screen that appears select the “Register an Account” option. This move will give you the option to open a virtual or a real account. 

3. Select the type of account you wish open and follow the prompts that complete the account set process. Here, you’ll provide the following details:

4. Once you fill in these details hit the “Submit” button to complete the registration process. The system will generate a trading terminal ID and allocate you a corresponding server link. You’ll receive these details in your email.

 You’ll need to verify your email before accessing the Exness members’ area. Follow these steps to complete the email verification process.

  1. Login to the email account you used for the registration sets above.
  2. Open the email verification message from Exness and open the provided link. If the link fails to open, copy the URL provided in the message and paste it into your browser’s web address bar. This action will open the Exness client login form.
  3. Enter the terminal ID provided in the confirmation email and the password you set up during registration.
  4. Click the “Login” button to access the Exness members’ area. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a confirmation message that your email address has been verified.

Get Started the Exness Application Reviewed by

If you’ve opened a virtual account, you get started right away and explore the features of the Exness trader app. Here’s how to access your Excess demo account on your device.

Real accounts follow a slightly different approach before you can trade for real money. You’ll need to:

  1. Verify your account with the broker. The step will involve uploading your identification document, a colored passport-size photo of yourself, and a proof address document.
  2. Once you upload these documents, you’ll wait for about 24 hours for the broker to verify your identification.
  3. Deposit money to your Exness account using your preferred banking method such as credit/debit card, wire transfer, or e-wallets.
  4. Your funds should reflect in your Exness training account. Now open the Exness trader app on your mobile device and start trading forex.

Download Exness App for iOS Reviewed by

The iOS version of the Exness mobile app is designed for iPhone and iPad users. Downloading this app to your device is hustle-free. Here are the easy steps you need to follow:

Installation Exness App for iPhone Reviewed by

Once the download process is completed, App Store will activate the “Install” option. Hit this button and allow a few minutes for the app to install. 

Open the App Reviewed by

The sign-up/sign-in procedure on your iOS device is similar to the one we’ve explained above for the Android version of this trading platform. Follow these steps to create and access your Exness account on your mobile device. 

Get Started Reviewed by

Similarly, follow the steps we’ve explained above in the “Get Started” section for Exness forex apk download, to start trading on your iPhone or iPad.

Advantages of the Exness Trader app Reviewed by

Trading forex on the Exness trader app comes with various befits explained below:

Trading CFD involves risks

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