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Exness Events: Competitions and Tournaments


Exness Contest: Showcase Your Expertise and Win Reviewed by

Exness offers contests periodically, particularly during holidays and special occasions. Participants can look forward to exciting opportunities to showcase their skills and compete for attractive rewards. Those interested in joining these contests can stay updated by contacting their account manager or keeping an eye on emails that provide details about upcoming Exness Contest.

Register now and become a part of our vibrant community, where you can not only participate in thrilling contests but also gain valuable trading insights and access to educational resources to help you take your trading journey to new heights!

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Exness Demo Contests and Other Trading Competitions

Exness has previously offered demo contests, providing traders with a platform to showcase their expertise and compete for exciting rewards, including valuable prizes.The broker has formerly launched competitions that allowed traders to explore the rankings of the most profitable strategies developed by their peers in the social trading section. Exceptional performers in social trading were occasionally rewarded with attractive bonuses, enhancing the excitement of participating in these events.In the realm of classic contests, Exness frequently hosts engaging competitions on various social media platforms, encouraging active participation from registered users. These contests cover diverse themes, such as sharing personal trading stories, experiences, unique knowledge, predicting the course of specific assets, and much more.

Trading CFD involves risks


Exness Competitions and Tournaments Reviewed by

Exness is a forex and CFD broker that offers trading on various currencies, metals, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, energies and stocks. With strong regulatory regimes in multiple countries, Exness provides opportunities for traders of all levels on its industry-recognized MT4 and MT5 platforms. Clients can practice trading without risk with a demo account. This enables them to test out new strategies and gain familiarity with the features of the platform without risking real funds.

Exness organizes a diverse range of competitions and tournaments, providing traders with exciting opportunities to showcase their skills and win impressive prizes. Please note that the availability of such features may vary, and Exness continues to explore ways to create engaging experiences for its trading community.

One example of past contests for traders

Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities! Register with Exness today and embark on a thrilling journey where you can not only enhance your trading skills but also enjoy the chance to win rewards in exciting contests and trading tournaments!

Trading CFD involves risks


World Cube Association Reviewed by

The World Cube Association (WCA) is a non-profit organisation that oversees and conducts cube competitions worldwide. Its mission is to organize more tournaments in more countries with more people having fun under fair and equal conditions.

The World Cubing Alliance (WCA) is comprised of many dedicated professionals from around the world who donate their time to make these competitions as successful as possible. They do this by managing the WCA website, responding to inquiries for information, and spreading cubing awareness via social media accounts and other methods.

They maintain a central database of official world records for the events they oversee. These records serve to set times and rankings in competitions around the globe.

It is essential to comprehend the rules and regulations that apply in competitions. These are put in place so all participants can have a positive and fulfilling experience.

If you plan to compete at a WCA sanctioned event, it is strongly advised that you read through the relevant competition rules and guidelines prior to signing up for one. These documents will provide all of the details necessary for organizing your competition efficiently and making sure you get the most out of the day.

There are also rules and regulations governing the puzzles you can use in these competitions. Your cubes must meet certain standards regarding size, shape and durability; additionally, they must be functional without any irregular markings, stickers or pieces.

Generally, the simpler the puzzle, the faster it should be to solve. For instance, a 3x3x3 should take approximately six seconds to solve while a 4x4x4 requires eight seconds for completion.

It is essential to comprehend that the cubes you use must remain stable when scrambled. For instance, if one cube is misaligned and needs repositioning before solving it, this will add time to your solve time.

Finally, it is essential to recognize that borrowing a cube from another competitor during the same round of competitions will result in losing valuable time.

World Puzzle Championships Reviewed by

The World Puzzle Championships (WPC) is an international contest for teams, pairs and individuals to solve jigsaw puzzles. Established in 1992, it has taken place across multiple cities around the globe under the auspices of World Puzzle Federation — currently comprising 34 countries. Notable individual contestants include Ulrich Voigt (Germany) and Wei-Hwa Huang (United States).

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Though many people participate in the competition, a majority of them are members of local jigsaw puzzle groups who enjoy assembling and solving jigsaw puzzles for pleasure. Therefore, the World Puzzle Championships provide an invaluable chance to socialize with fellow puzzlers from around the globe in a relaxed yet friendly atmosphere.

It is an open tournament, meaning anyone over 16 can take part. However, it’s essential to note that participants must assemble identical puzzles in each round in order to guarantee fairness and accuracy.

Competitors with difficulty solving puzzles may request an extra attempt, at the discretion of the WCA Delegate. This is particularly helpful for non-symmetrical puzzles like Square-1.

The winner of the event is determined by a panel of judges from different nations. These experts must be experienced puzzlers and experts in their field, while also being familiar with the rules of the game.

Each participant is provided a set of jigsaw puzzles for each round. These are carefully designed by the WPC organizers and must meet certain quality requirements; if a puzzle does not meet these standards, it will not be accepted.

For instance, the jigsaws used in the competition must be of an appropriate size and shape, as well as having exactly the same number of pieces — creating a level playing field for all participants.

World Puzzle Championships take place around the world and offer a range of events, such as exhibitions of ancient jigsaw puzzles and presentations by renowned puzzle creators. Experience all that jigsaw puzzle beauty at these thrilling World Puzzle Championships!

World Cup of Puzzles Reviewed by

The World Cup of Puzzles is an annual gathering that showcases various puzzle types. This includes traditional jigsaws, Sudoku, and some modern variations on the classic game.

The tournament takes place in a large room, and competitors attempt to solve as many puzzles as they can within a given time period. There’s also an event for teams where groups of people compete against one another to solve as many puzzles as possible.

Registration and judging are open to everyone, though certain rules and regulations apply to the competition.

Before the competition begins, competitors must submit the number of puzzles they wish to attempt to the organization team through a form available on the World Federation of Puzzles website.

No person may alter the number of puzzles submitted to an organization team unless given permission by its organizers. If a competitor wishes to request such an adjustment, they must submit a written request with all pertinent details regarding their request.

This rule is meant to prevent competitors from submitting multiple puzzles for each round, which could allow them to make up lost time during the initial rounds of solving. In past years, this has been a serious issue and led the organization to disqualify some participants from the championship.

Some organizers have attempted to address this issue by making the rules for puzzles more explicit. For instance, the Czechs released a booklet with 60 variations of sudoku several weeks before the World Sudoku Championship in Prague to give solvers an idea of what puzzles could be offered during the championship.

Although the rules may appear straightforward, they do not always accurately reflect reality. For instance, one team was penalized for using a mirror as part of its solution.

The organization team should also be more diligent about maintaining its rules. Furthermore, they should release puzzles with variations as soon as possible.

Trading CFD involves risks